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RE: Hood Pics / High Hood

Scotty wrote:
"Tony, thanks for the pictures. They show the basic design very well. I do
have a question which is, could the distance between the top of the tank and
the lights be reduced ? The whole hood seems awfully tall. Is there a
specific reason ?"

Actually, the reason I went with 1x8 sides as opposed to 1x6 or smaller is
because I wanted to have some room between the light fixtures and the
surface of the water.  The reason is for heat dissipation and to prevent
damage to the sockets from the humidity  -- I do not have any cover glasses
under the hood as the pictures illustrate.

This design would probably have worked very well with 1x6 sides too, and had
plenty of room for the lights.  And it'd be a lot lighter with the 1x6 --
mine is pretty darn heavy, though I can lift it by myself.

One thing I would advise anyone to do is to make sure their measurements are
PERFECT, and use a square throughout the construction to keep things lined
up.  Also, I allowed for 1/4" of space around the edge -- eg my tank is
48.5" and I cut the wood to fit 50"...  In retrospect I think 1/8" would be
plenty -- I have a bit too much space.

-Hope this helps,