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RE: my tank pics / digital photo

Thanks to Roger and Dave Berryman for the comments one my tank...  I had
expected more of a response, but this definitely helps.  I have done a major
trim on the tank, and will post the pics once I get the images stitched
together.  As for Roger's question about the left side and the "mounds and
valleys" -- these are actually an artifact of the photo I think -- there is
a bit of a valley, but it is from the driftwood in there, though it is
hidden by the plants.  Also, part of the "mound" in the middle is a result
of letting my H. difformis grow out of control.  I think the main reason it
looks like mounds is that there wasn't enough light to illuminate the plants
in the clumps.

I am also wondering if anyone has any advice on digital photography?  I read
Chuck Gadd's post, and I am experimenting with Manual control, but any other
advice to increase the perception of depth in the tank would be appreciated.