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Re: Where can I get rocks?

Arthur wrote:

> Lately, I have been frustrated with the lack of rock
> available in the Houston area.
> I have scoured stone yards, parks, stores, etc.  The
> only thing I have come up with is one lousy piece of
> petrified wood.

Rock shops (a.k.a Gem and Mineral shops) usually carry some types of
rocks that are suitable for aquarium use.  They also carry a lot of
exotic stones that may not be completely safe.  If you buy from them you
should probably tell the sales person what you want to use it for and
see if he or she has any cautions to give you.  Ask specifically if the
rock is soluble or contains any carbonate minerals.

I think that Aquabotanic still sells rocks on line specifically for
aquarium use.

> Just to illustrate the fruitlessness of my endeavors: 
> I decided to go a large park (Memorial) looking for
> rocks.  I could not find a single rock!  Not even one!
>  And I'm not talking about a decent rock.  I am saying
> that I couldn't find a rock of any sort.

I haven't done that much exploration in the Houston area, but all the
native rocks I have seen anywhere near there have been some form of
calcium carbonate, which would harden and buffer any CO2-enriched tank.
> The stone yards here carry a lot of smooth rocks,
> slate, etc.  I'm looking for something a little more
> jagged, rough.

Actually I advise people to use smooth stones if they can.  There are
several reasons for that, none of which really preclude the use of
rougher stones.  Using smooth stones just helps avoid a few problems. 
They key I think is to look for stones that have some element of
interest -- veins, bands, layers, holes and so on.
> If anyone has any ideas, please let me know.  Esp. if
> someone here in Texas can offer some ideas.

Go to Colorado?  Or New Mexico?  Sorry, I'm not in Texas and can't help
that much.

Roger Miller