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Re: Where can I get rocks?

Arthur wrote:

> Lately, I have been frustrated with the lack of rock
> available in the Houston area.

What type of rock makes up the bedrock in the
Houston area?

My favorite place to collect decorative rocks is
streambeds. I'm also lucky to live close-by to the
beaches of Delaware Bay that usually have
lovely rocks (and even fossils!) washed down
from the surrounding areas.

Perhaps you could get a geological map of
Texas and overlay it with a watershed map.
You might be able to find some suitable sites
for collecting.

If you prefer to buy, my LFS sells black rivers
stones (along with other cool rock such as petrified
wood). Their url is http://www.aquariumcenter.com
if you want to look into it (you'll have to call them
since rocks are not advertised on their webpage).
Also check with Estes (makers of aquarium gravel)
at http://www.estesco.com/

Shireen Gonzaga
Freelance Science Writer
Baltimore, MD