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Re:Where can I get rocks?

>From: Lazarus Miskowski <lazmiskowski at yahoo_com>

>Lately, I have been frustrated with the lack of rock
>available in the Houston area.
>I have scoured stone yards, parks, stores, etc.  The
>only thing I have come up with is one lousy piece of
>petrified wood.
>Here's an aquascaping challenge:  come up with a nice
>tank that uses an 18" x 6" x 4" piece of petrified
>wood.  Just one.
>Just to illustrate the fruitlessness of my endeavors:
>I decided to go a large park (Memorial) looking for
>rocks.  I could not find a single rock!  Not even one!
> And I'm not talking about a decent rock.  I am saying
>that I couldn't find a rock of any sort.
>The stone yards here carry a lot of smooth rocks,
>slate, etc.  I'm looking for something a little more
>jagged, rough.

Central Mississippi doesn't have any rocks that I know of in its natural
geology, but they ship in rocks to line drainage ditches and streams
adjacent to bridges.  These are greyish, irregular and sharp-edged, looking
as though they were recently broken up.  Perhaps they also use rocks to
line drainage ditches in the Houston area.  they DO have drainage ditches,
don't they?

Paul Krombholz, in mild central Mississippi, having very warm weather for