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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #1437

I just want to state two things... first of all Canada is a free country and
in some way free-er than the United States for at least here my relationship
with my same sex partner is recognised legally I have all the rights,
freedoms and responsibilities as any heterosexual common law relationship.
Please if you are going to criticise a country make sure your facts are

Steve Pushak make a point and there is no need to go bashing him or his
point, or my and obviously his country. For the two weeks following the
disaster Canadian opened there homes, stores, schools and many other places
to the foreigners, many of whom were Americans. In one town in Newfoundland
& Labrador there were more people staying in that town than there were
actually residents. Canada is a Democratic Monarchy much like the United
Kingdom and both of whom are the only countries that would come forward and
assist the United States in the War on Terrorism...

So please have a care when criticising... you might ruffle another's

As to Steve's post the other problem with monitoring this list is which
countries libel laws do you use...

And my last post is to the fact of the first amendment suit... please when
you are quoting something make sure that the quote is attributed to the
correct individual...


Ross Chapman
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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