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Re: Madagascar Lace Plant

       From: Gerry Skau <gerry at ans_net>

I've had one in a tank I reset about 2 months ago. It never really grew,
it had about 2-4 leaves but never put out new ones. Over the past week
these leaves have turned brown and died back.

Do they have a dormancy period? Is it dead? Should I give it some time to
break dormancy, maybe when the days start getting longer in late Jnauary?

I don't think that Madagascar lace plants really have a dormancy period.  I
had one growing continuously for five years.  I found that they grew much
better if they had a "companion plant" of some kind.  I had been growing
them in trays or pots by themselves, and had very poor results.  When I put
them with small or medium sized Cryptocoryne, they did much better.  Rich
soil with a lot of organic matter is also bad for them.  I have had my best
luck with about an inch of gravel over about a half to one quarter inch of
low-organic matter soil, such as subsoil or a "soil-soup" prepared by
mixing top soil with enough water so that the mixture is runny, and then
pouring it through a rice strainer to get out the particulate organic

Paul Krombholz, in mild central Mississippi, with sunny days in the 70's.