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CO2 needed for a low-light tank?

Hello all,

I've recently renovated my low-light tank (27 gallons 
nominally, 30 W fluorescent lighting). That is, I've removed 
all the plastic plants, 'enriched' (with Profile) the 
substrate and increased its depth, and added lots of real 

Assuming I keep the various other plant nutrients in the 
proper range, will injecting CO2 benefit the plants in this 
tank, or is it too 'slow' a tank to derive much benefit from 
CO2 injection? 

The plants in the tank are
         - java fern
         - 'christmas' moss (thanks again Mr. Loh!)
         - mexican oak leaf
         - a variety of crypts
         - two different anubias species
         - bolbitis fern
         - two different types of swords (E. Bleheri and
           E.Peruensis, I think)
         - Bacopa caroliniana
         - Hydrocotyle sp. (leucocephala, I think)
         - Hygrosperma corymbosa 'compact'
         - Saggitaria subullata

Water from the tap has
         - total hardness as CaCO3    140-175 mg/L (=ppm)
         - total alkalinity as CaCO3  106-127 mg/L
         - calcium                      36-48 mg/L
         - magnesium                    12-13 mg/L
         - potassium                0.51-0.64 mg/L
         - phosphorus                     <2  ug/L
         - sulphate                     35-44 mg/L

I have a pretty high fish load in the tank currently. All 
the fish seem happy with all the new plants though. 

Thanks for your advice,
T.  =8)
Titus Mathews Jr.