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Ballast wiring question / Electronic gurus

I posted this last week, but no one responded [Redacted]

"Well, my DIY hood is moving along.  It is stained and received it's second
coat of Flecto Diamond Varathane last night (that stuff looks like it will
be bullet proof!).  I ordered some new reflectors from Kim at AHSupply that
should arrive this Saturday.  

So, this weekend I am going to be mounting the ballast's in my stand and the
lights in the hood.  I purchased some 16 awg / 2 conductor / stranded /
waterproof / 90C resistant cable from Home Depot.  I think this should be
good enough.  Anyone have some tips for wiring the ballasts to the cable and
the cable to the sockets?  I guess 1 cable per socket should work, right?
I'm using AH supply / Fulham ballasts. 2x55 watt and 1x 96 watt.  Someone
suggested I use power-cord parts for quick-disconnects... Any other ideas?"

The main question I have now is concerning quick-disconnects.  Last night I
purchased at Radio Shack some 2 conductor QD's that were labeled for use
with 7.6v RC car batteries.  They have 16 gauge 105C / 600v wire with
plastic disconnects that lock together.  These were the only QDs that RS
had, and the guys running the store had no clue if they would work between
the ballasts and the sockets (typical of RS these days).  The guys expressed
concern that they might melt.  The things look reasonably heavy duty to me.

Any thoughts electronic gurus?