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Re: Ballast wiring question / Electronic gurus

> The main question I have now is concerning quick-disconnects.  Last night I
> purchased at Radio Shack some 2 conductor QD's that were labeled for use
> with 7.6v RC car batteries.  They have 16 gauge 105C / 600v wire with
> plastic disconnects that lock together.  These were the only QDs that RS

Are they white nylon/plastic?   If they are the ones I think they are, they
could do the job fine.  In R/C car usage, they typically would carry about
20 amps, much more current than they will have to carry for lighting.  They 
are known as Tamiya connectors.

But, those connectors have been shown to not perform well with repeated 
connection/disconnection.   The pin contacts deform slightly each time,
and so the connector resistance increases.

An excellent connector to use for this setup would probably be "Sermos"
connectors.  I use them on my electric powered R/C airplanes.

They make a VERY positive contact, can handle up to 35 amps, and can be 
configured in several different arrangements to ensure that you don't plug
the wrong wires together.   The've been tested for thousands of 
connect/disconnect cycles, and their resistance does not increase.

Here's a source, there are others around the net.   
http://www.hobby-lobby.com/connectors.htm  (scroll down to the line
that says "35 amps")

Another source is from Tower Hobbies:

Chuck Gadd