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Flowering Green Tiger Lotus !!!!

Maybe you might think .... big deal, mine flowers all the time. But I'm
truely delighted that my lotus can actually flower in only a 19 gallon tank.
I just wanna share my experiences with people who are interested.

This plant was bought in Singapore 1 year ago at the price of S$5 and it was
a baby plant at that time. Latin name: Nymphaea Zenkeri . Common name: Green
Tiger lotus.

It has so far produce 4 daughter plants and going strong. About 2 weeks ago,
I noticed a flower bud on a stalk in the centre of the plant. It took less
than a week for it to reach the water surface and it didn't stop there. It
continued to grow upwards for more than 4 inches until it could touch my
lights. And 3 days later, it finally bloomed. Not in the day but in the
night. It was white in color, about 5 cm in diameter, with a faint
fragrance. It looked ugly! I guess the heat from the lights have scorched
it. When day returns, it closed again. I think the flower have withered
because it failed to wake up on the third night.

Now, I'm just wondering whether will it produce seed pods so that I can eat
them :)