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Re: Ravings, Ethnic Stereotypes and Information

joelle at witty_org said, in part:

>   That's why you think the plant-list exists, as a safe forum for
> your vindictive ravings because you think the
> cost/risk/responsability of such behavior on the Internet is so
> small.  

I can't tell if joelle@witty's remarks are something I agree with or
not.  They seem a bit too "raving" to me, but then, email tends to seem
more curt and emotionally charged to the reader than it does to the
writer ;-)  

I think we agree that irresponsible remarks are bad and responsible
remarks are good.  But we might (I'm not sure) disagree about whether
comments about vendors are (usually, at least) responsibly made.

Let's hope we do not throw out the baby with the bath water.   I have
read opinions about vendors on APD, some more elaborate than others,
but don't recall any ravings, vindictive or otherwise, about vendors'
performances selling fish, plants, and supplies.  I suppose there have
been a few, now and then, that donít come to mind right now, but I tend
to dismiss them and skip to the next message, as I search for useful

There have been some tasteless ethnic remarks recently -- a sad and
pathetic event under any circumstances -- and I always hope to never
see such remarks.  I know that they will pop up from time to time in
any forum but I always hope against those events and cringe when I see
them occur.

But sharing info about how vendors perform when selling fish, plants,
or equipment is useful to me and, I believe, to many other APD users
and I hope to read more of those kinds of opinions and experiences.  I
don't expect APD to become the Epinions.com of the aquatic gardening
world, but I hope that it will continue to include among its posts
comments on plants, equipment, techniques and methods, vendors, in
short all of the various aspects involved in pursuing the hobby.  

And if some of us disagree now and then about anything, that's not only
something most of us can tolerate but might even prompt us to
reconsider our own views, which can help us learn (at least,

Scott H.

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