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Re: Best way to deal with Ich and Crypts and shrimp

I've used Coppersafe in planted tanks; crypts, java fern and anubias were
unaffected, vals turned yellow nearly overnight. It also kills some algae,
and the die-off can cause water quality to go south in a hurry (worked like
a charm on the ich, though.) Coppersafe will surely kill shrimp as it's
copper-based. Malachite green/formaldehyde combos (Quick Cure) seem to be
okay with most plants. However, I lost shrimp using this and when I asked on
an aquarium board I was told malachite green is harmful to shrimp.

I also asked, does ich actually infect shrimp? I was told no. Anyone on this
list disagree? Because it might be the best idea to remove as many shrimp as
you can catch to a holding tank, then treat the tank with malachite
green/formaldehyde. If the shrimp are isolated for a while, and assuming
they can't be infected by the parasite, any ich thingys in the shrimp water
should die without a host. I think I would try that if I had an ich problem