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Re:Best way to deal with Ich and Crypts and shrimp

>>I'd like to treat a small outbreak of ich in my discus tank, it's full of
crypts, cardinals and rummynose tetras, with a few amano shrimp too. I'm
worried that any medications i may use would hurt either the shrimp, the
crypts or the discus.<<

Ted, On the few occasions I have had an ICH outbreak, from trial and error I
have decided to simply raise the temp of the water to 85 or 90F, and let the
ICH runs its cycle. The increased temp speeds up the ICH cycle without
putting undo stress on the fish or plants. Previously I had used salt, which
I do not like adding to a planted tank at all, and the blue meth stuff that
turns your water a dark blue...I will never use that again. Cryps more than
any other plant would be very sensitive to meds, and its just not worth the
risk. High temps do the job, particularly if you only have a very mild
outbreak. After a couple of weeks your fish should be fine. Just be carefull
when lowering the temp. Fish, and plants are much more likely to go into
shock from lowering the temp to quickly than from raising it. Ich is often
triggered by sudden enviormental changes, fluctuating temps, dirty water,
too much dissolved organics, and so forth. Your Discus will not appreciate
these sort of conditions either.

Robert Paul Hudson