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Best way to deal with Ich and Crypts and shrimp

Ted,  I am dealing with ich in a planted tank right now.  The temp is up to
84 degrees.  (I have had 2 old heaters die this week and have run out of
extras or it would be warmer.)  My UV is running 24/7.  No drugs.  I am
doing WC's and sucking everything off the bottom.  There is only one ram
left that appears to have any "spots" left.  I cranked the temp up less than
a week ago and it is progressing nicely.  There are no shrimp in this tank.
I did add several airstones.

Since you have discus, your tank may already be rather toasty to start with
but 90 degrees was recommended to me.  If I can find another spare today, I
am going to raise my temp even more.

If you have a UV, I highly recommend this approach, at least so far :)  If
you don't, perhaps posting the general area you live in might prompt someone
to loan you one.  Before I got mine, during multiple GW episodes, 2 of the
wonderful folks on this list emailed and offered to let me borrow theirs.

Good luck.

Daphne in Atlanta