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followup on CO2 reactor

You people are amazing; thank you to all who answered so thoughtfully and thoroughly re: CO2 reactors.

Here's a little followup question:
I did a little experiment yesterday and today.  I had two tanks running with virtually the same setup including Eheim cannister filters, pressurized CO2, and ADA scintered glass diffusers.  Both have been at a pH of exactly 7.0 for awhile.
I disconnected one ADA diffuser and put the CO2 outlet into the inlet of the Eheim intake (I sqashed the green silicone tubing right into the inlet "cage" of the Eheim - very DIY).
24 hours later, the pH had dropped at least 0.4 (used the brom. blue reaction; it's not terribly accurate) to 6.6.  That's quite a drop!
In other words, the Eheim is much more efficient at mixing the CO2 than is the ADA diffuser; many of you are snickering out there...

Question is:  Given this increase in efficiency, what more could I expect from a unit either inside or outside the aquarium designed to mix CO2  such as the Hydrologix, Tom's incredible unit sold by SDP's, or the Mixer J sold by M3?
Is it worth the expense to go further?
Perhaps the CO2 damages the bacterial cultures in the filter with the increased acidity?

Thanks again,
Roxanne Bittman