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Re: Chara

It's Chara if from harder waters. If from soft acidic waters is most often
Nitella then. This is a generality. I'd say Chara which is all over in
warmer places. We got tons of it here. It doesn't seem to do quite as well
in my tanks as I'd hoped. If I lowered the lighting, got rid of some plants,
used it for breeding tanks that were bear bottomed I go with moss or
Nitella. There's also some types of lettuce(looks like baby Ulva) looking
Bryophtes going under the name of Riccia sp.
Tom Barr
> Tom Barr sent me some stuff a while back called
> Charra, a higher algae.  He collected it in
> California.
> Does your stuff smell like rubber bands, by any
> chance?
> Any strange odor?
> Tom, looks like the stuff you sent me, doesn't it?
> Cavan