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Re: Best CO2 Reactor

Roxanne Bittman wrote, on 26 Oct.:
"I have been using an ADA style scintered glass passive diffuser..."

Then, on , she wrote:
"...I had two tanks running with virtually the same setup including Eheim
cannister filters, pressurized CO2, and ADA scintered glass diffusers..."
"...the Eheim [filter] is much more efficient at mixing the CO2 than is the
ADA diffuser..."

Roxanne, is it an ADA "style" sintered glass diffusor (i.e made by a company
OTHER than ADA) or is it a genuine ADA sintered glass diffusor? ADA makes a
number of different CO2 diffusors, each designed for a certain range of tank
sizes and designed to be used in a certain way for maximum efficiency. Which
ADA diffusor do you have?

It might help to be more explicit with the manufacturer/source and the
particular model of diffusor you are using, as well as how you used it
within your tank (i.e. location of the diffusor in relation to the depth of
the tank and proximity of it to a current source).

It isn't 100% clear from what you said that is IS an ADA diffusor that you
were using, nor if it was one designed for use in a 40 gallon tank, or even
if you had it placed correctly inside the tank to provide maximum

James Purchase