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Re: Dangers of sending plants through the mail

> My very recent experience with the USPS has been excellent! I just received
> a shipment of plants and driftwood through the mail , ordered from Robert
> H's AquaBotanic web site ( http://www.aquabotanic.com/) . They were shipped
> on Monday of this week and arrived to my mailbox on Wednesday...at least a

Mine has been a little more hit-and-miss. (mostly hit)

I mailed three packages recently.  All shipped priority mail, from the 
same post office.  All went from Denver, Colorado.

One went to Pueblo colorado.  Took a full week to arrive.

One went to Virginia, took 3 days.

One went to Texas, took 2 days.

A few months back, I had mailed another package to the same Pueblo
address, and it arrived the very next day.

Chuck Gadd