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Re:Dangers of sending plants through the mail

>>I mailed three packages recently.  All shipped priority mail, from the
same post office.  All went from Denver, Colorado. One went to Pueblo
colorado.  Took a full week to arrive.
One went to Virginia, took 3 days.
One went to Texas, took 2 days.<<

Ok Chuck, out of three shipments, you had one with an unsual delay. Priority
mail has always been 2 to 4 days. But they have a new priority service now,
costs more that regular priority, but not as much as Express, and its
guaranteed for two days... since FedX is doing all their priority service,
this is why they can probably now offer a guarantee....but I dont think its
worth it, almost as much as Express, and priority normally takes only a
couple of days. I dont think you faired very badly Chuck. Local stuff
usually gets there normal parcel post just as fast as priority...but in this
case you got the reverse!

Robert Paul Hudson