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CO2 reactors

> I believe that Tom Barr has designed a similar product with some
> modification but do not know who is selling it?  Tom?

I am bias on this issue. I do make a profit from this. That being said,
here's why I do not make the internals.
> HTH,
> Jay Reeves
> Minneapolis

I USE to make an internal reactor. No longer. I _only_ make the external
reactors that are 100% efficient, solid acrylic and will last for many years
and distribute CO2 enriched water flow better. They can be used in sumps,
built in wet/drys even hanging off outside filters or alone on a tank
hanging off the back.

PG has a better product design for their internal IMO than I did but I sold
mine for about 10-20$ out of solid acrylic, no box, big suction cups etc. I
do this more as hobby rather than a full blown business. Some folks have an
issue with no box. Fine, for 5$ I'll send you a box:)  The top mounted pump
is good for internal but I don't do the internals anymore. Some folks had
issues with mine floating and pulling the suction cups off as it got full of
gas or slipping off the pump intake etc. I used mine for years with no
problems with this. I'm not everyone though and felt a need to redesign and
make a better product. I had a number of different designs but wanted a
simple idea that worked 100% and in different locations/set ups, no CO2
losses and could be used with yeast set ups. The in/out has
moveable/directional/flexible elbows to move water in/out however you want.

 Top mounting the pump got around this(as in PG design) but I went all the
way and removed the whole thing from the tank. Just a small pump is in the
water and then a larger tube can be used for better enrichment. An external
has all the things I want in a CO2 reactor personally so I see little reason
for an internal and it got rid of any hassles any of the internals have(like
a tube in your tank, suction cups etc). I'm interested in having 20 models
but just one general sized one that works on small to relatively large tanks
so if some needs one for say over a 135 I'll make a slightly larger one for
a 5$ more etc. Need a nice sump model like for 150 or above any size can
built to suit. They are still cheaper than anyone else's products by a long
shot, no pretty box ...someday soon perhaps, with box price and without
PG has the best deal for an internal CO2 device. They also have other nice
products. While material cost for PG may be cheap, the labor involved in
getting these parts and putting it all together is high. They are good
company with a good track record. I would recommend them if you decide to go
that route. 

 Some folks like paying for a pretty box. I'm more an inexpensive product
that works good, last, made out of good materials and if your not happy, I
try to make ya happy or make it right. I do other things and it takes me a
little while to ship out. I'm not pet warehouse but perhaps they will buy a
few hundred from me:) Need that pretty box:). I'll have a vendor table set
up at the AGA meeting in TN to display these. I've used these things for
about 8 years now. 

I am working on a vacuumed formed wet/dry plant filter for 10-20 gallon
tanks that sets on top of the tank something like an Eclipse but no biowheel
but uses plants instead. Key here is making it cheap but usable and nice. I
can make expensive ones (labor cost not materials) but no one is going to
buy 100. If we can make them using a mold, then I can get the price way down
and have a plant on everyone's tank whether they have plants in or out of
the water. FW mainstream folks are a very cheap lot. They will not spring
for a CO2 system etc and lights. This will get around that and provide the
benefits of plants.
Eventually they will consider putting a plant inside the tank after seeing
the plant filtering effects. That's all I want. A plant in every tank:)
I hope to have a good prototype done by the meeting to show.
If you want internal CO2 go with PG. If not, please consider mine. I use
them on all my tanks and account set ups.


under "pet products"

Tom Barr

P.S. I_am_ bias. My opinion therefore, is not objective.