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Otos in love and other sordid tales [OT]

Dave Kotschi wrote:
>It seems the Rasboras are increasing in number.
>There appear to be three different spawnings judging
>by the size of the little ones.

Makes you grin, doesn't it?  Love is in the air, uh...water, in one of my 
planted tanks as well.  I've got a heavily planted (i.e. out of control 
jungle) 20H that is occupied by 2 otos and a half-dozen C.japonica.  Well, 
the otos are putting out fry like mad.  Unfortunately, the fry seem to 
disappear after a few weeks or so.  They grow to about 5-6mm long and just 
slowly fade away.  I have two theories:  They're either starving to death 
(there is no visible mat algae anywhere in the tank) or the otos and/or 
shrimp are snacking on them as they get big enough to notice.  So, I'm 
setting up a grow-out tank and I'll suck 'em up with the baster next time 
and move them.  I've given up on the "leave 'em alone" method -- three 
known spawns in just over two months and no fry left to show for it :(

If anyone has any suggestions on the care and feeding of oto fry, I'd be 
very grateful.  I haven't found much useful info on oto husbandry so 
far.  I'm especially interested in foods for a maximum growth rate 
(microworms, bbs, etc).

BTW, if you've never seen oto fry, you should.  They are sickeningly 
cute.  When I find some more, I'll try to scrape up a decent camera and 
post some pics on my website.


Chuck Huffine
Knoxville, Tennessee  USA
mailto:grendel at usit_net