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Re: Otos in love and other sordid tales [OT]

Chuck H  wrote:
> If anyone has any suggestions on the care and feeding of oto fry,
> I'd be very grateful.

Can you describe other tank parameters like temperature,
amount of water circulation, pH, etc? That's so neat, having
them breed in your tank!

I'm no otto expert, but I found your post really interesting
and decided to take a quick work break and search google.

From http://www.thetropicaltank.co.uk/Fishindx/oto-affi.htm
   "Eggs are laid on the leaves of plants and hatch in about 3
    days. Provide plenty of algae, green food and tiny
    particulate foods, such as the liquid suspension types, for the

I'm wondering if you could make a liquid food supplement
for them, something rich in protein to help growth? Or make
some green water? (There may be some recipes at the live food
list at http://www.actwin.com/fish/live-foods/ )
Or buy a liquid food at your LFS. (I forget the company that
makes it, but there's two types, one for livebearers and another
for egg-layers. If you have difficulty finding some, let me know
and I'll try to find some for you.)

A few websites mention that breeding is similar to corydoras
cats. There's a nice otto page that has a link to how to breed
corys at http://userpages.umbc.edu/~rrhudy1/otto.htm#bred

Hope that's useful and please keep us updated. They are
adorable little fellas, those ottos, and I'd love to try breeding
them someday too.


Shireen Gonzaga
Baltimore, MD
whimbrel at home_com