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Need help with CO2

I don't know how many of you read my "CO2 warning" message, about how I
had to send my tank off to be tested before it could be refilled, and it
came back with a different tank valve installed, that won't mate up to
the Dupla regulator I bought with the tank (used)-- I havn't seen any
comments.  Anyway, they havn't been able to locate my valve, so I'm left
with a CO2 setup that's unusable.  Can anyone advise me where I might
find another tank valve compatible with the Dupla regulator? (it was a
Sherwood valve, I suspect)  Or preferably, where I might find an adaptor
that will allow the Dupla regulator to mate with a "normal" (I assume
common, industrial type,) american CO2 tank valve?  Any ideas would be
appreciated--It's been over a month now, and the algae is starting to

Thank you,
Jim Kennedy