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Re: M3 CO2

Dave Gauthier wrote:

"Looking about the net for various components, I found the Marine Monsters
Monolith CO2 system deluxe (v6.0).  Looks like a halfway decent package
deal.  Reg, solenoid, needle valve for $149, plus a six-needle valve
manifold for an additional fifty.  ::snip::  Anyone have any experience
(good/bad) with this system?"

Are you sure you need the solenoid valve? Conventional wisdom nowadays is to
let the CO2 run continuous because it creates smaller pH movements and keeps
CO2 available to the plants at all times. I have the M3 "econo" system that
deletes the solenoid for $99. It is good equipment at a great price that
provides a safe stable flow, from a company that provides good support and
reliable advice.