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Re: Bacopa myriophylloides

>Naomi Mizumoto wanted to know "if there are any stem plants out there that
>grow excruciatingly slowly".
>One of the slow ones is Bacopa monnieri.  It can become quite dense, since
>it tends to send new growth up from the bottom part of the stem.  It is
>quite slow and quite permanent in that old stems and old leaves seem to
>stay green almost indefineitely unless the plant is really abused.  Stems
>getting too high can be cut and replanted.  It does not spread, but once
>you have about a year's growth, you can cut it up into 1 inch pieces, and
>plant about a square foot.  It is a pretty tough plant, and quite tolerant.


This is the very plant that I've been coveting for the past months. I've 
been informed by a number of sources that the species is, unfortunately, 
banned in my state (CA). But so are the majority of the plants in this 
hobby. I'm not sure why this particular one is now so difficult to find... 
I'm not comfortable with the idea of ordering stem plants from on-line 
companies, as it's my understanding that they generally don't travel well. 
I guess I will have to wait until the next aquatic plant society meeting 
and ask if anybody is willing to spare some cuttings of B. monnieri.

Thanks for confirming that these are slow-growers. Different profiles seem 
to give conflicting information on this. I'd be willing to experiment, 
though. I shall continue my quest for these babies...