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Re: Bacopa myriophylloides


Naomi Mizumoto wanted to know "if there are any stem plants out there that
grow excruciatingly slowly".

One of the slow ones is Bacopa monnieri.  It can become quite dense, since
it tends to send new growth up from the bottom part of the stem.  It is
quite slow and quite permanent in that old stems and old leaves seem to
stay green almost indefineitely unless the plant is really abused.  Stems
getting too high can be cut and replanted.  It does not spread, but once
you have about a year's growth, you can cut it up into 1 inch pieces, and
plant about a square foot.  It is a pretty tough plant, and quite tolerant.

I should qualify this by saying that I  THINK B. monnieri is the plant I
have.  Actually it looks more like the picture of Bacopa madagascariensis
in Kasselmann than the picture of B. monnieri.  The monnieri picture has
thinner stems and longer internodes than my plant.

Speaking of Kasselmann, the ever-receding English version has now moved
back to March, 2002, according to the publisher, Krieger.

Paul Krombholz, in central Mississippi, with our mini-dry spell coming to
an end.