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Hygrophila as nutrient indicator

Just a refresher, this is about the 72 gallon tank with hair algae &
brown-cloud cotton candy algae where sunset & willow hygro are doing poorly.
I went to the lfs today and got the Tetratec GH/KH test kit. According to
that test both KH and GH are about 9. pH is 6.8, and I think my fish are
gonna die from CO2 poisoning? I doublechecked the KH with my Aq Pharm KH
test; it gave the same reading.

So I'm back to my original problem: what missing nutrient(s) would cause
these two types of algae & stunted and/or bronze growth on the hygros?

Again, KH=GH=9, NO3=5-10ppm, adding potassium & 1ml flourish daily.
Flourite/gravel substrate, 220watts, bottled CO2.

Tank critters: 12 cardinals, 6 otocinclus, 5 peacock gobies (Tateurndina
ocellicauda), 3 german rams, 2 blackskirt tetras, 1 dwarf neon gourami.