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Re: Hygrophila as nutrient indicator

Hi Rachael,

>Unfortunatley things are not so good in the 72 gallon. Neither plant is
>thriving. The sunset is barely growing at all. The Willow is an ugly bronze,
>growing very slowly, with occasional stunted leaves - smaller than usual and
>twisted around themselves.

could it be that you have soft water, and not enough calcium?  You don't say
what your GH is, which would be a clue, as it measures magnesium and

The 29 gal at 1 watt/gal is a slower system than the bigger tank, so maybe
the same deficiency has not shown up there yet.  Also, others can probably
advise you better than I, but the algae indicates that some nutrients are in
excess, while others are lacking, so I would get some test kits if you don;t
have them, and find out what your tank is doing re calcium and phosphate and
GH, as well as the nitrates that you are testing.

then do some major water changes every couple of days to keep the brown
cloudy algae at bay, while adding in the nutrients that you do need - there
were some recent posts between myself and others that may help with that, or
email me off-list.

Kind regards,