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Re: My name, sorry I have to talk about it again

Kwek Leong wrote:
"What bugs me is when James Purchase addressed me
as Loh Kwek.  That would be like me calling him Ja Purchase."

Mmmm...... Kewk Leong, I think I've already said that I was sorry if I got
your name wrong. It is purely a cultural difference - Westerner's place the
given name first, followed by the surname or family name. Both Robert H and
I have already _said_ we are sorry, there was NO offense intended.

You may call me "James" or "Purchase" or any combination thereof you wish. I
promise not to get offended. A very wise old man once told me that it didn't
matter what they called you, so long as they were thinking of you.

"Sigh, I hope this is the last time I have to talk about my name."

So do I. <g>

Ja Purchase