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Re: My name, sorry I have to talk about it again

> Shucks, I would have let the matter rest ...  there were 4
> private emails ...  wondering if they had been addressing
> me correctly.

I think that's very nice and respectful of them to ask.

> I know I'm not that great with my English but it looks
> like my communication skills are really in need of a
> lot of honing.

Your English is excellent. You really should not worry
about that. I suspect that people just forget stuff, since this
e-mail list is pretty active and there's lots of information
to absorb ... everyday!

> Loh is my family name just like Hudson would be
> yours, I believe.  What bugs me is when James Purchase
> addressed me as Loh Kwek.  That would be like me calling
> him Ja Purchase.

A rather innocent mistake, I believe. (Right, Ja? :-) It's
sometimes even more confusing when some people with
Chinese names deliberately move their "last" name to
the end of their name when communicating with the West.
(Example Loh Kwek Leong -->  Kwek Leong Loh.)
I've see it happen several times on other lists, and I've been
confused. ( I was born and raised in Malaysia and I'm used
to hear Chinese "last" names appear first in the name.)

> Sigh, I hope this is the last time I have to talk about
> my name.

KL, you crack me up! :-)  Let's hope you got us all
straightened out so we can get back to talking about
mysterious mosses and other wet vegetative wonders
without mangling your name.

    Shireen, or call me whatever ....

Shireen Gonzaga
Baltimore, MD
whimbrel at home_com