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Re: Can't be the same

>>Although I have not seen the moss from aquaticplantdepot, I'm quite sure
it'snot the same as the moss I sent you.  I conclude this from the prices
you posted in your last message.  I just checked with my part-time fish tank
professional friend and he told me that about a year ago, he bought the
Christmas moss from a fish farm here for Sing 40 dollars per hundred

OK...both aquariumplantdepot and myself import plants from Singapore,
Oriental Aquarium, the single largest producer of plants in Singapore and
Asia. Do you think it may be possible that Oriental Aquarium  is selling
"christmas tree moss" to the states as Java moss? Its coming from your
country, and it looks exactly the same. What are the odds? Do you know
anyone at Oriental Aquarium that you can ask? I'd like to know what I
have...should I sell it as christmas tree moss or java moss? I dont want to
mis represent anything, so any help you could offer would be appreciated.

Robert Paul H