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My name, sorry I have to talk about it again

>Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2001 14:01:19 -0700
>From: "Robert H" <robertpaulh at earthlink_net>
>Subject: Re:Re:moss

>... and sorry I called you Loh...I am
>surprised you didnt point that out! :)

Shucks, I would have let the matter rest if not for the fact that I came
home tonight
and there were 4 private emails from subscribers on this mailing list wondering
if they had been addressing me correctly.  I know I'm not that great with my
English but it looks like my communication skills are really in need of a
lot of honing.

What I wanted to let you know was not that I was addressed wrongly but the
fact that you did not inform me when you received the moss.  That bugs me like
hell when I'm over here worrying that your moss may have got lost in the
I like to keep my promises and I believe that some folks may wonder if I'm
a fast one on them when I offered the moss for free.  Only when I see their
stating that the moss has arrived, do I feel that my promise was kept.
There are at least another 8 persons who must have already received the
moss but
did not see it necessary to let me know.  Isn't it common courtesy to
inform the sender
of its arrival when he sends you a gift?  no?

It's perfectly alright to call me Loh.  But if you think I'm worthy enough
to be
your friend, please call me Kwek Leong.  Loh is my family name just like
would be yours, I believe.  What bugs me is when James Purchase addressed me
as Loh Kwek.  That would be like me calling him Ja Purchase.

If Kwek Leong is a bit too long to type, it's also perfectly alright to
call me KL.
Most of my internet friends address me as such.  Sigh, I hope this is the
last time
I have to talk about my name.

Loh K L