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Re: MH

> I should mention that this puppy is in the living room.....2X250W MH might
> make the living room appear like a hockey rink..(appropiate being a
> Canuck..)
> (the police will probably drop by....."ah, what's all this then ...growing
> aquatic plants are we???)
> Since I just got married and would like stay that way.... what is the light
> spill like????
> Ballast roasting...I presume the ballast just dies...a function of heat??
> Noise is a issue, I found with a overflow skimmer, wet/dry, air pump and a
> Iwaki pump to be a bit noisy...
> Bill Lynn

Have you considered a hanging Power compact suspension? You can get them in
the exact length also for the tank and they are 100% quiet. They have a bit
different look but much of the same good issues are still kept.
JBJ makes some real nice and Reasonably priced fully finished units.
Otherwise you can come up with a DIY lighting box and A&H kits etc and hang
it or place it on a rail to elevate it also.
You'll be happy with that also. Less heat, problems, knocking, bulb issues,
spill over.
Tom Barr