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Re: Hairalgae

> OK, Otos are not good at eating hair algae. The question is, what is?

SAE's flagfish, Rosey barbs, shrimps, etc....

> Looking at some old posts, I'm coming to conclude that some species of
> barb might be an option. (I think plecos would make snacks out of my
> plants!) So, what species would be best?

Long finned roseies if you want to catch them. I had some real nice ones in
a 90 but they were hell to catch. They will shed your moss/riccia etc.
> Currently the 40-gallon only has a platy in it, which I can get rid of if
> the barbs are *incompatable* with it. However, in the future I was
> thinking about a red-tail shark, some cories, and perhaps some species of
> dwarf cichlid or other, so it needs to be something "compatable" with
> them. Any ideas? Rosy barbs, perhaps?

They'd be fine.
> The hair algae hasn't reached plague proportions yet (it has in the past,
> before I tore down the tank because of a leak...). Up until now I have
> been keeping it in check by removing it manually, but I would like a
> little help. :-) I don't feel like taking the tank apart a second time in
> order to bleach everything (I'm kicking myself for not doing this while I
> was remodeling before!). I'm sure there are ways to eleminate it once and
> for all, but for some reason I get a kick out of biological control.
> (Miniature contained ecosystem approach...).

Then take a look at Spring Lake:) See the algae? Algae is a part of nature.
We seek to reduce it for the plants. You can get rid of it by keeping the
CO2 levels stable and good regular additions of KNO3/K2SO4 etc. You get
Russian River water I believe which is not bad. I think there's enough P in
the water so if you add the tap and add the traces and KNO3/K2SO4 etc and
remove most of the algae, add some rosey barbs and SAE's, you'll be fine.
Main thing is to add enough KNO3 regularly/CO2 -> keep up on that. You do
not need much to do it, but it's work. You will be rewarded though for your
efforts. I'm trying to remember how big your tank is? A 40 gallon? Lighting?
Tom Barr

> William