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a useful tool

I was recently tying java moss, java fern, and christmas moss to driftwood 
and riccia to stone for basically the first time.  After fighting with the 
thread on the java fern I thought to myself, "There must be a better way."  
Well, scratching my head, I came to realize that I had just the tool I 
needed.  I tie flies for fishing, and one of the standard tools is a thread 
bobbin.  Basically, it is this little "Y" shaped tube/clamp combo that hold 
the spool steady while you pull thread through.  It is designed for just 
what I was doing--wrapping thread.  If this is an old suggestion and 
everyone but me has been doing this for years, then forgive me and be happy 
that at last I too found it.  If it is not something altogether new, then 
you might want to give it a try.  It won't work for large spools (like most 
fishing line), but it works like a charm on sewing type thread and makes all 
those wraps nice and tight.  They are fairly cheap (probably a couple of 
dollars in the fishing department of a sporting goods store, or for $3.50 at 
and if you tie much with thread, very useful.

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