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Re: Bolbitis/Aquaticplantdepot

Hi all.
After looking up the plant, it is indeed a different "bolbitis."  Like most
people, I'm more familiar with the B. heudelotti, the African Water Fern,
then the one they have pictured -- I'd honestly never heard of it before. .
. . . As such, it is identified properly... just confusion created by common

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>  In looking at the aquaticplantdepot site I do agree
> with them that they have an asian form of Bolbitis
> listed.  This plant is not to be confused with
> Bolbitis heudelotti which is an excellent African
> aquarium plant and grows well even under lower light
> and lower fertilized conditions.  If this is indeed B.
> heteroclita I can't say but it does look consistent
> with what I have seen come out of the Orient as a
> Bolbitis heteroclita.  I am not a big fan of this bog
> plant (b. heterclita), as it has never grown well for
> me.  B. heudelotti, on the other hand is a wonderful
> aquarium plant.  Perhaps this is the plant you are
> thinking of Josh, but I disagree that the plant is mis
> I'd.
> Klaus
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