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Ideas for plants for the auction

Hey Loh, can you get Tropica stuff?  I have no idea if it is available in
Singapore or not.  It is definitely not available here.  They have lots of
cool stuff that I would love to get my hands on and would be delighted to
jump on at the auction.  If you have more Christmas moss or narrow leaf Java
fern that would be great too.

I am not sure whether the AGA would have an issue with this or not but could
the defense plants be labeled as such at the auction.  I, for one, would be
happy to bid a bit more aggressively than otherwise for them.

Dave is right in that we have indeed gotten a few, new, cool plants at our
local shop recently.  I would be happy to devote a little tank space as a
holding/growing area for some of them for the auction if it would help.
Dave, call me if you run out of room.