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Some different long-term macro sources

    Here are some products at the local nurseries that I haven't heard much, 
or any mention of (I'm thinking of trying them as amendments to peat, oak 
leaf mold, potting soil, etc., in pots, for submerse crypts, in a very low 
fishload tank:

    -"Rock Phosphate (ingred: soft rock phosphate)"-  as I recall one brand 
was 0-3-0, and the other was 0-2-0, and it's only other listed element was 
Ca.-16%.  I think it was described as a mined marine sediment.  Sounds like 
alot of Ca for the amount of P it gives.  _Suggested reapplication time in 
terrestrial use is 4 to 5 years!_  (It sounds granular/chunky in the box).  
That's a long time compared to Bone meal, (suggested apply twice a year, 
terrestrial use), so maybe it would be a good long term source?  If it is 
marine, a risk of toxic trace elements if used in acid substrate?  And, does 
it have carb/bicarbonates?

    -Bone meal (steamed or boiled)-  I've seen some discussion of it in the 
archives- sounds like a good possibility, and provides some N.  Blend with 
above?  Also high in Ca?  Carbonates?

    -Cottonseed Meal-  one brand has 6-2-1, described as natural slow 
release, but suggested terrestr. reapply is every 2 mo's, so maybe this will 
break down pretty rapidly?  But would it be slower than composted or 
uncomposted manure or worm castings?

    -Greensand- a K source- saw one at 0-0-3.  -found brief mention in the 
archives- again a marine sediment-  Jamie Johnson's nice substrate analysis 
breaks it down- from what little I can judge, I don't think it would be a 
problem at neutral ph, but how about in alot of peat?

    Some NPK blends could be done with them.
    Any feedback?

    Zach K