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Re: aquaticplantdepot.com

We received your e-mail and thank you for your input
about our web page.
We apologize if our grammar and typographical errors
concern you, but we have always been more concerned
with the quality of plants and service to our
customers than in the wording on our web page. With
regard to the photos on our site, they have all been
gotten from reputable sources. We did check the photo
of the Bolbitis. Both the Aquarium Plant Catalogue
putout by Oriental Aquarium and Aquarium Plants The
Practical Guide by Pablo Tepoot have this photo for
the Bolbitis heteroclita.
We order this plant from Singapore all the time and
the photo we have is
the actual plant as shown. With regard to our sizes on
the Amazon Swords. We consider a small to be 6"" to
8," medium 8"-10"" and Large to be 10"-12." Sizes can
vary an inch or 2 depending on what is sent us so we
do not put exact sizes on our web site. If you have
any question on size at the time you order we will be
glad to answer them. Thanks for the offer of help with
site, but we have gone through it -- made a few
changes-and are okay with what we have. The company
has been established since 1932 and the current owner
has been in the aquatic plant business for 25 years
and is also quite knowledgeable on aquatic plants. We
are looking forward to receiving your order.


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