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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #1214

Hi all,

I just ran into a problem with my CO2 injection.  The gas stopped coming out
in the tank, so naturally I looked at the gauge on my single stage regulator
I got from Dave Gomberg.  It read zero, which disappointed me since the last
refill lasted 16 months and this one lasted only 2 months.  I was afraid the
regulator was no good.  So I closed the master valve on the cylinder,
removed the regulator, opened the valve and nothing came out.  Well, sorry I
doubted your regulator, Dave, as I just ran out of CO2.  Dave sells a fine
CO2 system.

However, the 20 pound cylinder is still filled with at least 25% liquid.
Since CO2 can't exist as a liquid at atmospheric pressure,  I got
suspicious.  Aha, the liquid tastes just like water. Its not even

1)  Has anybody ever gotten a charge of CO2 that was "wet" with H2O?  Is
this possible?  I got this charge from a "reputable" company in Houston.
2) I have all these check valves on my plumbing, but of course there was
none on the inlet to the regulator!  Could I have damaged the regulator?
3) The cylinder is aluminum.  What do I have to do to get it back in shape?

Unfortunately, I can't find the receipt for the recharge.  I'm hoping that
there is no permanent damage.

gasless in Texas,

Steve Pituch