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Re: lights and ballast

I get my MH ballasts from a local electrical supply house (Madison
Electric) that serves southeast michigan. They get about $17-19 or so
(can't remember the exact number) for the Advance 175 watt ballasts that
include the ballast, igniter, and a mounting bracket. The mogul sockets
were around $7 because I get the ones with the high-temp pigtail leads to
make wiring easier. I mount them in surplus aluminum enclosures that have
*lots* of vent holes that I get from Fair Radio Sales in Lima, OH
(http://www.fairradio.com). I use the big cases from the "in-flight
phones". that have handles. If you feel comfortable wiring the ballasts
yourself (and they come with pretty clear instructions), this is about the
cheapest you can do. My 3-fixture setup cost me about $90 to build for the
ballasts and enclosures.

BTW, open-top tanks with MH lights look the best, IMHO.

Bill, in bone-dry, burned-up Detroit, MI, where we wish the south would
send some of it's rain up here.

>     I am looking for a reliable and inexpensive source for metal halide
>systems and parts.  I have the outer shade for MH lights.  What I need is a
>kit or parts from a supplier that gives me the socket, wire harnasses and
>electronic ballast that I can install into my lovely, hanging, bell shaped,
>aluminum shades.  I'm looking at setting up 175 or 250 watt suspended >.lamps.
>I prefer open top tanks because I like to see my floating plants from above
>and don't want to mess with moving hoods and covers when I work with the
>     Thanks, Diana

Waveform Technology
UNIX Systems Administrator