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Hygrophila difformis "Synnema" and dolomite lime w plaster.

Hello all,
The very top of new growth on mine clumps of Hygrophila difformis
"Synnema"  all close up at the end of the day.

Should difformis be relied upon as an indictator that it's time to turn
the lights off in your tank? Does it matter if there are a few more
hours of light (to complete a 12hrs light period) after they have closed

And on dolomite lime as a source of calcium; someone a while back talked
about diy solid fertiliser and before that someone posted about plaster
of paris as a calcium source. I like the ease of use with neutraliser
blocks as they have calcium suplhate in them BUT they dissolve too
quickly, are expensive and have sodium chloride- solution?: 2
tablespoons dolomite lime mixed with 8 tablespoons plaster and water,
spoon forced into icecube trays and now I have diy neutraliser/calcium
blocks which are so easy to use, make in bulk and also increase my KH
(alkalinity) which is cool as I get maybe at the most 1 dKH from the

Just thought I'd share.

Cheers Damian.