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wallachi survey revisted

I recently noticed that some newly planted wallachi stems which just 
yesterday were doing fine, are today showing "white" tips where the pink 
used to be.  One stem actually has been broken and floated to surface.  
COuld be the "accidental" high volume water exchange I did yesterday broke 
it.  As I read thru the arhives to find an answer, I noticed that the 
consensus was that wallachi does not like high nutrients.  I believe this 
symptom I am now experiencing may tend to prove that hypoth.  I made a 40% 
water exchange last night and added 1/4 tsp potassium nitrate + 1/4 tsp 
potassium sulphate in an attempt to right a suspected nitrogen def in my 
tank (slow down in growth, small leaves on anubias nana & coffeafolia).
Could the whitening have something to do with this?  Is there perhaps 
another explanation?
curious Joe
still need to go get that nitrate test kit.

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