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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #1187

CO2 cylinders...

I think the name Dave Gomberg is referring to is the needle valve that
attaches to the cylinder.  With regard to his question on CO2 tanks:  M3 has
them, but they are fairly expensive -- about $90 for a 10# cylinder.  I
searched all over my local area, and finally found a  local beverage
equipment supply house, who sold me a 20# cylinder for $75.  I have to go to
a medical gas distributor to have it refilled -- about $25, but the 20#
cylinder will last forever, even for a 150 FW tank like mine.

Yes, some beverage equipment distributors will rent CO2cylinders, but I
found that most don't.  I strongly recommned you buy one when your finances
allow.  Then, it's yours forever.  Again, check beverage equipment
distributors.  Much cheaper than M3, and the quality is equal.  All
cylinders must pass the same physical nondestructive tests, regardless of
who sells them.  Yes, the M3 cylinder looks really pretty -- mine is painted
"signal red" indicating CO2, but it's hidden behind my large wood
cabinet/stand.  No problem.  Good luck!

Doug Faulls
Mark6rules at home_com