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Calif aquatic plant "regs"

>end nature always wins out. With all the tinkering man does for good or bad,
>its miniscual in comparison.

The evolutionary timescale is not measures in years, it's measured in
millenia (and LOTS of them).

Why is the Madagascar Lace Plant only found in Madagascar?

Because Madagascar has been physically cut off from the rest
of the world for a very, very long time. Go back in time
and put a few sprigs of Cabomba in Madagascar and Lace
Plants would probebly never exist.

The aquarium as a hobby is roughly 100 years old in America;
introduced plants are a horrific threat to biodiversity. I
do not think aquarium plants should be banned in California
but plants where they do not belong is a very, very bad

Pardon me while I go pull up the last of the Purple Loosestrife
from the backyard. 



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