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new lights

Yesterday I got a new 29gal.  I want to try the high light - gas co2 method
for this tank.  I'm probably going to by the bright kits from ah-supply.
But I have a few questions....

Can you explain what is meant by the 2x40watt notation.  What does the 2x
mean, is the lamp 40 watt or 80watt?

I think I'm going to get two 40 watt kits (or one 2x40watt:) to give me 80
watts total.  Would they fit into a 29gal light strip, or should I build an
eclosure for them, or can I just install them into my canopy?  The draw back
of the canopy is that the front 3/4 of the top is what opens for
feeding/maitenance. I'm not sure how I'd go about attaching lights to this
and still be able to open it

I also have a question about filters.  I was planning on a fluval 204.  I
have a fluval 304 on my 55gal GF tank and thought that it would be too
strong for the 29gal.  But I see on his web site that John Fitch has a 304
on his 30 gal.  How do you decide how much flow is too much? (I would also
like to get a cannister filter for my 20L but I didn't think I could get one
with low enough flow.)

TIA Lorna (waiting impatiently for my new plant books to come in the mail!)