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Re: Carbo Plus

Neil Frank wrote:

> Exactly! When I make water changes in my higher light [fast grow] tanks, I
> rountinely add lime and NaHCO3. Otherwise the KH gets too low.

I think that if either Paul or I are right that you should be relatively
safe if you keep alkalinity greater than the calcium hardness.  The
Carbo Plus should drop them equally, so when the calcium content gets
too low to support any further net deposition of calcium carbonate then
the alkalinity should stop dropping as well.  Hopefully that would
happen at concentrations were the GH isn't too low for the plants and
the alkalinity is still high enough to maintain the pH in a reasonable

Turning the Carbo Plus off at night also might help redissolve some of
the deposits and postpone or prevent a complete crash in the alkalinity.

Roger Miller