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Re: Java fern

> From: Hanna L Weiss <ledzephelm at juno_com> 
> Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2001 19:44:20 +0000 
> Hi!  Again my Java ferns went from beautiful and big to brown, pathetic, and
> almost non existent.  My 40 gall. has 84 watts of plant lights and I just
> got some Leaf Zone fertilizer.  All of the sudden on day in June I looked
> at the ferns and noticed those horrible brown transparent wrinkles.  I
> quickly removed the infected leaves.  The next day I looked and saw the
> horrible things again.  Now All I have left is 2 small plants( I mean
> REALLY SMALL).  this happened last year around the same time.  Last time
> I removed what was left of the fern and put it into another tank.  Later
> after my goldfish began to take an interest in the fern I put them back
> into the big tank(about sept-oct).  They started to grow again and them
> June came around.  Is this a seasonal thing caused by a rise in
> temperature over the summer, or is it a chemical problem.  I have been
> neglecting the tank by not adding as much fertilizer as I should, but
> that will change now that I work at a pet store and I get a nice
> discount!  Any help would be awesome!  Thank you all!

I was just about to post basicly the same thing and I saw your message. 
My java ferns are turning brown rapidly and losing a lot of leaves.  If
they were beans in my garden, I would say that they had a rust
infection.  I found an article at thekrib by (I think) Erik Olsen that
said they just do that from time to time then they come back.  Other
than that, I haven't found much information.

Someone else here asked about how to attach java fern to a rock.  I used
"gorilla glue" and glued a fern to a small rock and it worked really
well.  It is a moisture curing polyurethane resin glue.  "Super Glue"
should work equally well.  Previously I had tied my mother plant to a
fist-sized rock and it has grown all over the tank. The rhizomes and
roots run partially under the gravel and hold the plants down.  But if
you don't provide some kind of anchor initially, the plant will keep
floating loose.

Best regards,