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Re: Algae, algae, alga

Hi Bob,

I have about 10 planted tanks.  In 9 of them (low to medium light, no 
CO2, most with water softened by mixing RO water with well water), I 
have algae problems to varying degrees.  The algae usually starts to 
be a problem at about 4 - 6 weeks.  The most problematic algae is bba.

The 10th tank is totally different.  It is a 75 gallon tank with 
very high light (220 watts of AH Supply compact fluorescent lights 
with the high efficiency reflectors) and CO2.  I have been following 
Tom Barr's advice on this tank.  I use straight well water  which has 
a KH and GH about 10 DH and a pH of 8.3.  Previously, I had been 
softening the water because of all the reports I had heard about 
plants needing soft water.  Fortunately, Tom set me straight!   What 
a joy it is to not have to make my own aquarium water although I 
still use RO water to make suitable soft breeding water for some 
fish.   I have to dose nitrates, potassium, sulfates, Fe, and 
phosphorous but not as often and reliably as I probably should.  This 
tank has now been running for 4 months with just a small amount of 
thread algae which came on some plants and still exists.  If I had 
the appropriate algae eaters, even this would not be a problem. 
Fortunately, some are on the way.  This tank has been a joy to have 
and to view.  The biggest "problem" I have is finding the time to 
prune the plants!  Maybe I am jinxing myself but I am seeing a 
dramatic improvement by following Tom's advice (many thanks, Tom!!!). 
I would encourage anyone having difficulties to consider trying his 
methods.  It has worked for me.

I have learned the hard way while keeping fish and plants.  When I 
first started keeping fish, I took a little advice from here and some 
more from there.  After about 6 months of things not running as well 
as I liked, I finally took the first advice I received -  a friend 
told me to pick the advice/method that seemed to work for someone I 
trusted and follow it faithfully for 6 months to a year until I 
learned enough about what worked for me.  I believe this advice was 
repeated on this list (by Purchase in Toronto?).  Since I started 
doing that, the hobby has been much more enjoyable and I have 
significantly increased the number of tanks  I keep.


>Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2001 07:36:39 EDT
>From: ROlesen104 at aol_com
>Subject: Algae, algae, algae
>Here's my observations on algae:
>1. Set up a tank, pond, whatever - with plants and fish and you will have
>2. You will have the algae for 3 to 6 months in spite of all you do or do not
>3. It will then go away.
>Bob Olesen
>West Palm Beach, FL